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    • The Most Dependable FOB
    • Proven High Performance
    • Competitively Priced

  • Priced Right


    Choose all stainless for ultimate durability or the new hybrid with stainless and food grade composite construction.

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  • Tested and Proven

    • 10 years in market – hundreds of thousands in use today
    • Don’t take chances on new models or cheap imitations
    • Additional models available for custom applications
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  • The High Performance FOB

    • Only CORE FOB feeds more faucets (lighter float design)
    • Obvious float position – no mistakes that lead to wasted time and waiting customers
    • Half as many parts as competitors – much easier to maintain
    • More hygienic design discourages bacteria growth
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  • Call for pricing: 800.925.3818

    Volume discounts available.

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